boAt Airdopes 402 True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth V5.0, Advanced Touch Controls, Instant Voice Assistant, Up to 16H Total Playtime and IPX4 Water Resistance(Active Black)

Airdopes 402
Airdopes 402
Airdopes 402
Airdopes 402
Airdopes 402

Features & details

  • Easy Access Touch Controls: Airdopes 402 offers a seamless user experience with its easy access advanced touch controls and built-in mic
  • IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistant â Adapt to the arena with IPX4 rated water and sweat resistance and groove on carefree
  • Immersive Audio â The powerful dynamic drivers of Airdopes 402 offer immersive audio bliss
  • Ergonomic Design â It has premium Audio Drivers made to create the perfect audio experience coupled with an ergonomic finish ensuring that your style runs on a high

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boAt Airdopes 402 True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth V5.0, Advanced Touch Controls, Instant Voice Assistant, Up to 16H Total Playtime and IPX4 Water Resistance(Active Black)

Box Content of BoAt Airdopes 402 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

BoAt Airdope 402, is introduced in the market under the tagline “ENERGIZE YOUR SENSES.”

  • The BoAt Airdope 402 box comes in a compact package.
  • It contains two wireless airdope with a charging case, a micro cable, an annual warranty card, a portfolio card, and extra earbuds.
  • The carry case is of plastic. It has the tagline on its front.
  • The back of the case has the charging pointer and the LED lights to denote the battery level.
  • The one-year warranty card applies only to manufacturing defects. Any physical damage caused is non-accountable.
  • The portfolio card has everything we need to read up on before using the product.
  • The extra earbuds come in small, medium, and large sizes. We are free to pick the comfortable one.
Boat Airdopes 402 unboxing

The Sound performance of BoAt Airdope 402 Bluetooth Headphone

Taking into account the price, BoAt Airdopes 402 offers excellent sound quality.

This airdope is the best choice for dynamic and fresh music experience.

Airdope 402 provides HD sound. It has a good and improved treble, mid and bass level.

Meanwhile, the latency level is very much low. It is a best option to listen to melody sounds and also perfect for gaming.

A maximum of 75% volume is suitable for an excellent experience.

In that case, when using both the airdope, 50% of the volume level is more than enough. It proves it can block external sound to its best.

BoAt 402 also has quick access to the voice assistant.

We can connect it with our device’s voice assistant and use effectually.


These earbuds are perfect for PUBG. Because they offer almost negligible lag during game playing like PUBG considering the price.


During calls, you will get average experience. If you talk more through earbuds, then these earbuds are not perfect for you.

Boat 402 is suitable for casual calling.

You can use these earbuds for indoor calling, but not recommended for outdoor calling.u can use these earbuds for indoor calling, but not recommended for outdoor calling.

Design and Comfort

BoAt Airdope 402 comes with ergonomics design. It has a glossy, matte finished look.

The earphones have the BoAt logo designed on them. The carry case is of plastic.

Overall, the design is eye-catching and gives a comfortable experience.

Touch system

The airdope has a unique touch system. Unlike other airdope, where we have to press the button to our command.

BoAt airdopes 402 comes with touch sensors, just a slight tap on the earbud is enough to direct it to our function.

Water Proof

IPX4 waterproofing capacity. Again, it is not water-resistant.

It can only protect water splashes in all directions.


It gives speed connectivity levels with Bluetooth v5. 0. It makes it quick and instantly working.


The earbuds are soft. It fits our ears perfectly. Both the earbuds have a microphone.

The microphone designed with a 10 mm audio driver. So, one earbud is more than enough while on the call.

LED Indicators Functionality of Boat 402 True Earpods

As already said, the charging case has 4 LED lights to indicate the charging level.

When you want to charge the airdope, put the airdope inside the charging case, and close it.

While charging, the 4 LED lights will be blinking in blue. When the charging is complete, the lights will be automatically off.

In the same way, the lights will blink blue while charging the case.

Also, each earphone has one LED light. When the charge is full, it lights in blue color.

When the charge level is low to indicate the battery is about to die, it blinks in red color.

We do have light indications to display the connectivity.

Take the airdopes from the case. If both the airdope blinks in blue light, this means both the airdopes are connected.

After this, we can pair the airdopes with our device.

Touch Controls of BoAt Airdopes 402

Boat 402 controls

There are no buttons in the new BoAt Airdope 402. Instead, they have touch sensors.

So, if you want to pause or play, a single tap on any one of the airdope will do the job.

Similarly, to attend/reject the call, a single tap will do.

When you want to fast forward or switch to the next song, double-tap the right airdope and to rewind or go back to the previous song, double-tap the left airdope.

To access the voice assistant option, press and hold either earbud for three seconds.

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Latency Performance

The audio-video sync is quite precise, and there was negligible latency during gaming.

There was a delay of just 250 milliseconds, which may be irrelevant for casual gamers but is quite vital for dedicated players. 

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